Meet Our Chef


Chef Hugo Kaiser is now
the head chef at Red Lion Tavern.

Prior to coming to the tavern, he headed up the kitchen at Cove down the street at Cohasset Harbor Inn, where he dazzled diners with beautiful plating; fresh, fun flavors; and exceptional technique and focus with desserts and pastry. 

Now at Red Lion, Chef Hugo is bringing that same flair to his new menu, built around our favorite New England classics and Chef’s vision for fresh, creative dishes.

Chef Hugo grew up around food, starting his cooking career at 12 years old in his mother’s pastry shop in Brazil. His professional training at the Argentine Institute of Gastronomy developed his technical skills, but traveling to different countries—like Belize, Mexico, Argentina, Thailand, and eventually the US—shaped more of his appreciation for local cuisine and ingredients, and how to fuse them into other regional classics.

His inspiration for the new menu at Red Lion Tavern stems from the rich history of Cohasset, from the ocean, to our community and specialty ingredients that we’ve cultivated over the cultural history of New England. Combining this history with all of the techniques and flavors Chef Hugo has discovered in his culinary journey, he’s excited to reveal and share these new dishes to Cohasset and the South Shore.

In particular, Chef’s seafood casserole is his favorite and signature dish… and what he’s most looking forward to sharing with our guest. “It represents my roots, and is a traditional Brazilian seafood dish called moqueca, which means ‘fishing with gods.’ It has a cozy comfortable aspect and the ‘wow’ effect with the tropical and spice flavors from back home,” Chef Hugo shared with us.

“I see food as an art. I like to represent my art with unique creations, utilize fresh ingredients and transform the traditional famous dish into something new and unique without losing the original flavors and conception.”

We’re excited to have his talent and ingenuity at the Red Lion Tavern and to share his dishes with our community here in Cohasset. Come meet Chef Hugo and discover these amazing flavors yourself!

Chef Hugo will be unveiling his new
fall menu on Saturday, 8/31!